TNT Naked Night is Tonight!

The men of TNT are hosting NAKED NIGHT tonight!

Light refreshments are served and you’re encouraged to enjoy the ultimate equalizer and socialize, play, and party with similar minded guys!

From TNT’s FAQ:

Q. What happens during gay naked events?
R. Everything and anything that happens during non-naked events. The only difference is that patrons are naked. In any and all licensed establishments, shoes must be worn, although during private events, this is not the case… The main difference between naked and non-naked events is that guests are generally speaking far more relaxed, as there are no logos or media force fed images to hide behind. Nudity becomes the equalizer, resulting in very few concerns about the contents of one’s wallet or other irrelevant status symbols.

Check out TNT’s full FAQ here and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

And, of course, all the regular club features and facilities are available to Naked Night participants and the more discreet who prefer keeping their towels on hehe…

Naked Night!

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