It’s gettin’ cold and downright scary out there! You know what that means: IT’S HALLOWEEN (Gay Christmas, The High Holiday, etc.)!

You can show it off all over Church St. then bring that slinky nymph/furry Manbearpig/princess-free Mario and Luigi pair back to Spa Excess and get the party started!

PLUS PLUS PLUS! We’ve got DJ NYTEHAWK on tha’ decks’ spinning up a stormy night of haunting beats!

The darkened hallows of Spa Excess will be EVEN DARKER with halloween sexcessories throughout, tricks, treats, and everything in between!

What a great place to shower off your costume and get cleaned up for s’more Halloween romps before sunrise?! Or skip the costume altogether and strip down!

Make it a hot, safe, and sexy Halloween boys!

All our best… Your pals at Spa Excess!!

Halloween Spooktacular! Oct 31 at Spa Excess!


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