The purpose of the following rules is to provide an environment that is clean and safe for both the patrons and staff.

  1. Enjoy, Relax, and have fun.
  2. Be polite when saying “no”, and respect that “no” means “no”. Demeaning, pushy, forceful or abusive behavior toward fellow patrons and staff is not acceptable.
  3. Respect the Spa Excess venue by not vandalizing the premises and leaving things as they were found. This is your club, please report any vandalism that you witness to staff.
  4. Alcohol or illicit drugs are not permitted in the venue (only alcohol purchased and consumed in the licensed lounge is allowed).
  5. Share public spaces respectfully with others. Please do not block entrances, doorways and halls. Please keep all loud conversations in our designated social lounge.
  6. Keep your room/locker key on your person at all times. When renting a room, lock all valuables in the room locker. For those who want, there is safe storage behind the front desk. Ask the cashier on duty for assistance.
  7. A refundable “key and towel” deposit is required when registering at Excess. Please return BOTH for the refund.
  8. Care for the environment – don’t leave showers or taps running.
  9. Maintain personal hygiene – shower before using the whirlpool, steam room, or dry sauna.
  10. Management at Spa Excess reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone, regardless of membership status.
  11. Spa XS reserves the right to limit the number of days a patron may stay. No residence.
  12. Prostitution is not allowed at Spa Excess.
  13. Spa Excess is a licensed establishment by the Liquor License Board of Ontario and enforces the laws applying to the sale of liquor in the Province of Ontario.
  14. Failure to observe and respect these codes will result in removal from the premises and a possible full-time ban. Illegal activity will be reported to the police without any hesitation.